Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccination 2021/22

Flu vaccination appointments are now not available for booking - no appointments available online*

*via Online Services - regrettably we cannot use the same SMS link booking functionality as used for Covid vaccination clinics

Appointments may be limited whilst we await vaccine deliveries- if you do not see any vaccination availability for your age group online, please keep checking back

Please see our Online Services page for details of how to self-register on the NHS App if you do not already have access to book appointments online.  Our phone lines will be very busy so please book online wherever possible.

There are different Flu vaccines available for different age groups as shown in this NHS 2021/22 poster - if booking online please select the correct appointment type for your age group

If you are booking vaccination for your child, please use Proxy Access to book online in their name where possible.  Please avoid booking online in your own name – appointment risks being cancelled however we will endeavour to rebook for child if clearly identifiable from booking comment.

We provide an annual Flu vaccination service to those of our patients who meet NHS eligibility criteria

Invitations are sent mainly by text and email - please ensure we have your correct contact details. 

You do not need to wait to get an invitation - once our vaccination program begins, Reception will be able to advise if you are eligible.  We will be checking appointment bookings and cancelling where patients do not appear to be eligible.

One-off vaccinations for Shingles (70-79yrs) and Pneumo (65yrs+) are also recommended - these are offered at the same time as flu vaccination and through the rest of the year where stocks available. Covid vaccination is offered in separate clinics, NOT alongside Flu vaccination.

Please scroll down for important information regarding vaccinations this year, including Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming Flu Clinic Dates

All vaccinations will be given via Flu Clinic appointments (no drop-in clinics)

Most appointments will be at our Lodgeside site (LS) with some smaller and Saturday clinics at St George (StG)

Mar22 update: We are no longer running dedicated Flu clinics - you can use www.grabajab.net to book at a local pharmacy if eligible

Arriving for your Flu Appointment

DO NOT attend your flu appointment if you have a temperature, cough, flu like symptoms or a loss of taste or smell. 

Car parking is limited, please use roadside parking where possible.

  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early
  • Wait to be allowed into the building
  • After checking in, remove all outer garments so that your arm is bare
  • You will be called into a clinic room by a nurse or health care assistant who will be wearing full PPE
  • A one-way system will be in place - after your vaccination you will be directed where to exit

Please use toilet facilities at home, restricted facilities are available on site

Vaccination aged 18 and over

Adult Flu vaccination

Please see the NHS website for more information about adult Flu vaccination.   

Please note that there is a different vaccination (Seqirus FluAd Tetra) offered to anyone aged 65 and above by 31/3/2022, ie. date of birth before or on 31/3/1957 - this contains an extra ingredient to help older immune systems make a stronger response to the vaccine.

Both this and the vaccines we are offering to patients aged 18-64 (Sanofi Quad & Viatris/Mylan) contain small amounts of egg protein - see Flu vaccine information on the Vaccines Project

Pneumococcal vaccination and/or Shingles vaccination will be offered in the same appointment if you are eligible - for more information including safety & efficacy of these vaccines, see the Vaccine Knowledge Project pages for Shingles vaccine and Pneumococcal (PPV) vaccine


50-64 yrs flu vaccination 2021/22

All 50-64 year olds are eligible for a free flu vaccination this winter, as part of plans to protect more people against seasonal flu during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This includes anyone who will turn 50 by 31/3/2022, i.e. date of birth before or on 31/3/1971

Vaccination for Under 18's

Child Flu immunisation 

Flu vaccine for children is usually given in the form of a nasal spray (half a dose in each nostril) - for alternative vaccination options, see the next section.  Most children only need a single dose however children at clinical risk who are aged under 9 and have not previously received flu vaccine, will need a second dose 4 weeks after the first - you will be advised by the nurse if a second dose is required.

School Flu service 2021/22  Immunisation will be offered to children of reception, primary school age (Y1-6) and secondary school age (Y7 plus Y8-11 added this year due to Covid-19 pandemic).  This should be provided by January 2022 by Sirona after delays to their timetable caused by them also needing to provide Covid vaccination to 12-15yr olds, see their School Flu webpage for more information.  If your child has missed their school's clinic or does not attend school, please call 01275 373104 to arrange for your child to attend a community clinic (booking essential) Please do not call us if you have a healthy school aged child - we cannot provide vaccination to them.  If vaccination missed due to school absence or home education, or nasal flu vaccine declined, they will be vaccinated at a community catch-up clinic - parents of these children will be contacted by Sirona with details of the catch-up clinic they should attend. 

GP service  Flu immunisation to all children aged 2 and 3 years old on 31/8/21 (date of birth range 1/9/2017 to 31/8/2019 inclusive) and children in at risk groups aged between 6 months and 17 years of age.  Children of school age were not initially invited to our clinic as vaccination usually provided at school however we can vaccinate school age children with clinical risk factors if you choose to book with the practice instead, e.g. because of delays to the school provision. 

For more information on Child Flu vaccination see the NHS website and/or the Nasal Flu Vaccine page from the University of Oxford Vaccine Knowledge Project (a World Health Organisation approved site which includes information about vaccine safety and efficacy)

Alternative to Nasal Flu Vaccine for Children

Nasal flu vaccine contains a highly processed form of porcine gelatine - this has been ruled by Jewish and some Muslim religious authorities as permitted treatment.

It has a very low egg content and is considered safe for children with egg allergy except where there is a history of severe anaphylaxis to eggs which has previously needed treatment in intensive care - these children should be referred to specialists for immunisation in hospital. 

The nasal spray contains live virus therefore it is not suitable for children who are severely immunocompromised.  Children who have been vaccinated with the nasal spray should avoid close contact with people who have very severely weakened immune systems (for example, bone marrow transplant patients requiring isolation in a protective environment) for about two weeks following vaccination. If it is not possible for a child to avoid contact with someone who is severely immunosuppressed (for example, because they live in the same house), the child should not receive the nasal flu vaccine.

At risk children

Children with any contraindications to the nasal flu vaccine, or aged between 6 months and 2 years old, will be offered inactivated intramuscular flu vaccine instead. 

There is a limited supply of the alternative vaccine, which is less effective than the nasal spray for healthy children, so children at risk will be prioritised for this vaccine.



School age children

2021/22 information on availability pending

In order to prevent localised outbreaks in the 2020/21 flu season, an inactivated flu vaccine may be offered to those children whose parents refuse the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) due to the porcine gelatine content but it would not be available until November and only then if there was sufficient stock.

These children remain the responsibility of the school immunisation service. Please note children in at risk groups can be vaccinated in either setting, ie by GP or School Provider.

We have been told that this alternative vaccine can now be provided (last updated 20/11/2020) so if required please contact the School Flu Service on tel. 01275 373104 who should now be able to offer this to you.

2-3 year olds

2021/22 information on availability pending

In order to prevent localised outbreaks in the 2020/21 flu season, an inactivated flu vaccine may be offered to those children whose parents refuse the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) due to the porcine gelatine content.

GPs were asked not to provide the alternative vaccine before November 2020 to healthy children, because children at risk must be prioritised.  However we have now been told that this alternative vaccine can be provided (last updated 20/11/2020) dependent on there being sufficient vaccination stock.

Flu vaccination this year is more important than ever

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Frequently Asked Questions

It looks like I am ineligible for vaccination under NHS criteria, can I still be vaccinated? 

Flu vaccination can be obtained privately via most major supermarket and pharmacy chains if you are aged 16 and over and is relatively inexpensive.  Some of these providers also offer private nasal flu vaccination for children. 

If you have a clinical condition and you believe you should qualify for an NHS vaccination but our system is not showing you as eligible, please speak to your GP - if they agree that there is a clinical risk, we can provide vaccination.  Vaccination can also be provided in this way for our patients who are living with an immunocompromised individual who would be at risk should they catch flu. 

I can't get to the surgery, can I have vaccination at home?

Where a community nurse is regularly visiting, they will normally provide Flu/Pneumo/Shingles vaccination - please ask your nurse directly regarding arrangements. 

If we have you registered as housebound by October 2021 we will arrange to administer Flu and Covid booster vaccinations to you in one home visit - this is likely to be late November-December 2021 to ensure we have vaccine stock available and that Covid vaccination is at least 6 months after your 2nd dose. 

If we do not have you recorded as housebound we would ask you to attend a surgery-based clinic for vaccination.

Do you provide Flu vaccinations for carers? 

The government currently allows carers delivering a Health & Social Care service to receive vaccination at your GP practice on presentation of proof of this employment.  It is best to first check with your employer in case they have made different arrangements.

If you are in receipt of carer’s allowance or are the main carer of an elderly/disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill, we can vaccinate you on the NHS if you are a registered patient with us and have also registered with us as a Carer.

I have asthma, am I eligible for Flu vaccination? 

Possibly not - only severe asthmatics are eligible (steroid issued/hospital admission in the last 12 months).  If you have had an Asthma review in the last year but haven't been invited for Flu vaccination, or been told you aren't showing as eligible when you have enquired, you will not be able to receive vaccination under the NHS.

If you haven't had an Asthma review in the last 12 months and are experiencing asthma symptoms please book for a review.  Any medication prescribed as a result may make you eligible for vaccination - the asthma nurse will be able to advise you if so.

I do not want the Flu vaccination, please can you stop inviting me?  

We have a responsibility to invite at-risk patients every year but once you have declined vaccination that year, we should not invite you again - please ask any staff member to record this on your notes. 

You would be invited again the following year so if you do not want any further invites, please make this clear to us in writing so we can add this note to your record.  A manual process is needed each year to remove from invitation so this may not be foolproof.